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Genital dermatology

Skin condition affecting genital area which are not necessarily caused by an STI (Sexual Transmitted Diseases).

 Key problems include:

- Genital lumps & bumps

- Genital rashes & inflammation

- Pain, itching, feeling of discomfort in the genital region and/or during sexual intercourse

- (Pre) Malignant changes

Using a combination of experience, the right diagnostic tools and effective treatment options are available in Hera Derma.


Sexual dysfunctions can appear in one of the parts of the SEXUAL CYCLE, in several of them or cover the entire cycle. The sexual cycle consists of four phases: (a) desire, with associated sexual fantasies; (b) excitement, sexual pleasure accompanied by physiological changes; (c) orgasm, the peak of sexual pleasure; and (d) resolution, a sense of muscle relaxation, and a sense of well-being.

Sexual dysfunction in men and women includes sexual desire disorder, sexual aversion disorder, sexual arousal disorder, erection disorder (impotence), orgasm disorders, premature ejaculation, disorders in the form of sexual pain, e.g. vaginismus, and others.


In the HERA DERMA office, HYPNOTHERAPY is used to solve the problem of sexual dysfunction in both sexes. It helps to reach and resolve internal conflicts, fears, anxieties, tension, traumas that the client has consciously suppressed, does not pay attention to or does not recognize, while the client is in a very pleasant relaxed state, and which affect or are a consequence of problems in sexual behavior. It helps the client to lead a more fulfilled sexual life, to harmonize with his sexual nature, helps clients who are going through sex change, victims of rape, sexual inhibitions caused by upbringing, religious patterns, abuse, etc., shame about their appearance, vaginismus (feelings of pain during penetration) and others.

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