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About me

Born on March 13, 1970. in Novi Sad. After finishing Secondary medical school (majoring in laboratory technician), I enrolled and graduated in general medicine in 1995, and passed the specialist exam in dermatovenerology in 1999 at the Faculty of Medicine in Novi Sad. Worked in general and specialist practice before opening the practice HERA DERMA 01.05.2000.

Graduated in Clinical Hypnotherapy at The Northern College of Clinical Hypnotherapy,
Great Britain in 2022 and introduced, together with Dream Interpretation as another
type of therapy in January 2023.

Dr Vesna Najdovska



Dermatology is a medical speciality concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory, inherited, environmental, benign or malignant skin disorders, conditions and concerns. In the Hera Derma practice, observation, diagnosis and treatment of all age groups in terms of changes in the skin,
visible mucous membranes, hair and nails...


Genital dermatology

Skin condition affecting genital area which are not necessarily caused by an STI (Sexual Transmitted Diseases). Key problems include genital lumps and bumps...



Venerology a science that deals with changes and diseases transmitted by sexual contact: 

- From prevention to treatment of sexually transmitted diseases


- Symptoms of burning, stinging, itching, pain in the genital region...


Clinical hypnotherapy

The human mind has a remarkable capacity to control the body. Our thoughts have a direct impact on how the cells in our body communicate with each other.

According to our current scientific paradigm, consciousness is the result of biochemical activity of 100 trillion synapses in the brain...


Dreams & interpretation of dreams 

In the HERA DERMA practice, the so-called three-dimensional integrative method (Freud-Jung-Sondi) of dream interpretation, which is scientifically recognized and is a branch of depth psychology. Dr. Ivan Nastović, doctor of psychological sciences, psychotherapist and clinical psychologist perfected this method here and for many years led trainings and dream interpretation groups...


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Appointments and scheduling

I try to respect each patient's scheduled examination appointment, without accompanying crowds or overlapping appointments with other patients. You have as much time as you need to present your problem and receive adequate explanations for its origin. With constant improvement of
knowledge and following the news in medicine and clinical hypnotherapy,we are looking for the safest type of treatment for you.

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Dr Vesna Najdovska

Ise Bajića 12
21000 Novi Sad

Tel:  063 / 770 48 47     

Contact and schedule an examination, clinical hypnotherapy, and all additional information about the services and work of the office - call on weekdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Working hours on Saturdays: by appointment

Tel: 021 / 6615 896

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