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Venerology is a science that deals with changes and diseases transmitted by sexual contact:

- From prevention to treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.

- Symptoms of burning, stinging, itching, pain in the genital region, the appearance of discharge orconstant leakage from the genital organ, constant or occasional redness, flaking, dryness of the skin,discoloration of the genitals, growths, pimples, bubbles, sores, warts, cracking , thinning orthickening of the skin of the genitals and others.

- Treatment of genital warts or condylomas, Syphilis, Gonorrhea or Triper, diseases caused by bacteria, fungi and /or viruses, diseases caused by Chlamydia, Ureaplasma and Mycoplasma and others.

- Changes caused by the use of aids during sexual intercourse, contact reactions to them and the similar.

- Changes in the skin and visible mucous membranes of other regions of the body, except anogenital, caused by sexual contact.


It is an infection that can be transmitted from person to person through sexual activities, or by kissing, touching, rubbing the genitals, oral sex, penetration, through sex toys and aids.

Symptoms and changes appear around and on the genitals (penis, testicles, vagina, vulva, anus/stomach), as well as the oral cavity and throat when practicing oral sex.

The most common symptoms are: itching, discomfort and/or burning sensation, redness, rash, flaking, pain to the touch, when walking, sitting or having an erection/sexual intercourse/after sexual intercourse, discharge and unpleasant odor from the genitals, pain and/or pressure in in the lower abdomen, changes in color, consistency, smell of semen, appearance of wounds, blisters, warts, swelling in the genital region, lips, throat, palate, tongue.


In the HERA DERMA practice, you can get instructions for a healthy sexual life and sexual hygiene, preventive venereological examinations and treatment of diseases transmitted by sexual contact.

An example of VENEREOLOGY TESTS that you can perform yourself in all laboratories:

BASIC TESTS FOR SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES that you can do in any laboratory, without prior consultation with a venereologist or urologist before going to the laboratory, it is important that at least 2 hours have passed since the last urination ask the laboratory to do a BRIS OF THE URETHRA for bacteria, fungi, Gonococcus (especially if you have discharge from the urethra), Ureaplasma, Mycoplasma, Chlamydia also perform a sperm culture (method of collection in agreement with the laboratory).

if there is an unpleasant smell, with regular hygiene, genitals, and discharge, and if with a sexual partner, etc. you feel an unpleasant odor and see discharge from the genitals, do Trichomonas from the urine If you have risky sexual behavior, e.g. without condom protection, multiple partners at the same time, you belong to risk groups or your partners, such as sex workers and/or intravenous drug users, tendency to alcoholism, or you have a homosexual orientation, also do BLOOD TESTS for Hepatitis B, C, Syphilis, HIV.

In case of positive findings, the most adequate therapy is suggested and implemented by a venereologist. Patients who are HIV positive are first referred to treatment by specialists. for the treatment of infectious diseases.

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